We have decided to only review Timmys Lake based on the lake itself, for the site and facilities please refer to our review of Raidens Lake.

The overall rating is based on this lake review and the additional site specific reviews from Raidens Lake Review.


PR 4 Star Rating

Overall we enjoyed our stay at Timmy’s Lake, De Karperhoeve, the facility was excellent. the food was good the menu was the same as our previous weekend. The fishing was extremely difficult where we did even have a bite for the weekend, we have rated this lake as a 4 star due to overall difficulty of the lake. The lake challenges you to try new rigs, baits and to study the water a lot more.

Definitely on our list of lakes worth revisiting in the winter when the weed growth should be at its minimum.

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The Lake – Timmys Lake

PR 4 Star Rating

Unlike all other lakes on De Karperhoeve, Timmy’s lake is a true fisherman’s lake where you are required to bivvy up for the night, think fishing strategies and still you could be going home with your tail between your legs.

During our weekend we had booked Swim 2 which is on the North side of the lake. the Swim was relatively clean and had very little trace of the previous fisherman. As with all other swims in De Karperhoeve a landing net and mat are waiting on your swim, however what was surprising there was no scales or tripod which was the norm for Raidens Lake. luckily we had brought our own scale but sadly left our tripod.

We where able to drive up to the swim and leave the vehicle on the swim, this reduced the effort of hauling the kit down to the swim.

Prior to our visit we knew the lake is very difficult to fish, this became more apparent when we arrived, there was a large amount of weed growth and with every cast it felt like we where hauling in a forest, due to this level of growth there seemed to be an abundance of natural food for the fish. Presentation was very difficult to get right on this lake.

The following image was taken using the Deeper Pro which illustrates the extent of weed growth, the scans where taken with the sonar tethered to the rear of the boat.

Timmys Lake – Sonar Weed Growth

The lake has a deep mucky bottom which proved difficult for wading to far from the shore however the average depth of the area we scanned Swims 2,3,4 to the centre like was around 1 meter.


Weekend – 19-09-2020