The following lists the rules for fishing any waters available through PR Fishing.

General Rules

  1. Fishing without a Ticket is a Criminal Offence under Schedule 1 Theft Act 1968, Offenders will be reported to the Police.
  2. All anglers fishing the water(s) must possess a valid rod licence and that this must be produced upon request to an authorised PR Fishing authorized bailiff and government bailiffs.
  3. All anglers are expected to respect the environment, the local wildlife and other persons.
  4. All anglers must provide evidence of authority to fish any PR Fishing water on request by a PR Fishing authorized bailiff and government bailiffs.
  5. All litter must be placed in an appropriate waste facility, if none are available in the immediate vicinity the waste must be taken away.
  6. All environmental hazards i.e. pollution, water flow issues must be reported at the earliest opportunity via the PR Fishing Website.
  7. Any observations of fish in distress must be reported at the earliest opportunity via the PR Fishing Website.
  8. Any person wishing to use any water for coaching must have written consent from PR Fishing. All coaches must be qualified and licensed level two angling coaches.
  9. All children must be accompanied by an adult (under 18 years).
  10. PR Fishing cannot be held responsible for any accidents or thefts, security of equipment is the sole responsibility of the angler.
  11. All Fish must be returned to the water from which they where caught.
    1. Any fish non native to the water must not be returned, this is inline with the Environmental Agency Requirements.
  12. Any person witness to a breach of the rules must report the offence via the PR Fishing website.
    1. Where the offence is a criminal offense these must be reported to directly to the police.
      1. Theft (i.e. persons removing Fish).
      2. Criminal Damage.
      3. Acts of Violence.

Fishing Rules

  1. Equipment being used must be in good condition.
  2. Anglers must not block any public right of way.
  3. No braided mainlines, leadcore and leaders. ‘Lead-free’ leaders such as FreeFall, SubMerge & KlingOn are allowed.
    1. Exception for Pike fishing where the mainline can be breaded.
  4. The use of antiseptic treatment is obligatory with each catch.
  5. Maximum two rods per angler.
  6. Fixed-rigs are not allowed. Use safetyrigs. Please ensure that the lead can slide over all knots.
  7. Bait boats are allowed, but please use them sensibly and with respect to other anglers.
  8. Unhooking mats must be rinsed after each use to prevent cross-contamination from parasites.
  9. Please keep noise such as radios to an acceptable level.
  10. Marking or mutilation of the fish is strictly forbidden.
  11. The use of drugs and (extensive) alcohol is not allowed.

Boat Fishing

  1. Fishing from a boat is authorized however the boat must be moored.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment must be used when required i.e. Lifejacket.