PR 5 Star Rating

Overall we enjoyed our stay at Dino Pool, Capinsula, the domain was set in an old nature reserve which led the site to be as picturesque as any place could be and the variety of wildlife both land, air and water was amazing to see. Jelle the owner is passionate about the work he does and the effort he goes through to care for both the site and more importantly his fish is both admirable and well respected.

Definitely on our list of lakes worth revisiting, especially to catch some of the specimens in the pool.

To Book this lake visit https://www.thecarpspecialist.co.uk/carp-lakes/carpinsula-dino-pool


We booked Dino Pool, Carpinsula through the Carp Specialist, the booking was well in advance and we forgot to make the payment by the deadline, however we were still able to continue with our booking paying at the last minute. We would recommend that you do pay on time to avoid any issues.


PR 5 Star RatingWe arrived at Carpinsula at around 1500 hours on the 9 October where we were greeted by Jelle and a can of beer, luckily for us he was still onsite as he thought we may not have been able to come due to Covid. I had made the mistake of thinking that the arrival time for the lake was the same of De Karperhoeve however I have now learnt to RTFI.

The facilities of Carpinsula are exactly as described by the Carp Specialist, pretty much zero. This domain is an experience i.e. what you bring is what you get.

We have given this a 5 star rating as we can not knock any false advertising.

Jelle provides you with a cooler box with a frozen bottle of water which he replaces daily. There is a toilet which is a shed with a compost toilet, cover your muck up with wood trimmings.

The site has no communal electricity or running water.

Food Service

There is no food service or delivery in the area. It is highly advised you bring enough food and water for your trip with a method of cooking it.

The Lake – Dino Pool

PR 5 Star Rating

During our stay at Dino Lake we had the pool to ourselves, this is due to the size of the pool, there was enough space between the two swims for a two man bivvy, the space between the swims does prefer the right swim as the ground between the two is uneven due to tire tracks from the tractor as shown in the following picture. We would recommend two one man shelters to allow for a quick run to your rods in the night.

Dino Pool Swims

Due to the inclement weather we where not able to drive to the swim however Jelle provides a transit service to your pool. Jelle was also kind enough to help set up the bivvy to help protect the gear from getting wet.

The lake is around 1 meter deep with spots upto 1.5 meter, there is little vegetation as shown in the following picture.

Sonar Dino Lake - Deeper Chirp

Jelle requires you use a Helicopter rig when fishing this pool as this helps protect the fish by releasing the rig if the main line was to break. As we did not have the equipment for this Jelle provided at cost some prebuilt (commericial) helicopter rigs.

Whilst fishing at Carpinsula you are required to use the provided weights which are natural stone, Jelle then sterilises them upon completion of your trip to ensure no cross contamination obetween the pools.

The pool has a limited number of fish and requires a little studyig of the pool and is not a throw your line in and hope to catch.

The variety of Sturgeon in this pool is unheard of, there are not many places in world where there is a large variety of Sturgeon and Carp in such a small pool and healthy.

The cleanliness of the swim and the lake was exceptional and well kept, the fish caught where in good condition and full of life.

The ambient noise was almost silent with the exception of the odd screaming of a motorcycle down the highway, the ambient light was really good with a slight glow from the local town of Holsbeek.


Weekend – 9-10-2020