PR Fishing have visited this Nature Reserve on a few occasions and on all occasions fishing has been very enjoyable, for public fishing the persons responsible for the reserve have put a lot of effort into ensuring the lakes are very accesible.

The maps on the way into the reserve have clear indicators as to which lakes/pools you are authorised to fish. One caveat is that you are required to hold a valid Vlanderan fishing permit.

The accesibity of the site is extremely good as there are car parks reletively close to each of the fishing pools.

The east of the reserve has four pools of which only two where fishable with a lure as the weed growth was to much and there was no room to cast for tree coverage, the two other pools had two swims as wooden platforms on both.

The four pools on the south where of good quality however there was (during our visit) household waste flytipped in the large lake in front of the swim, this caused issues trying to land fish.

The West pool was very difficult to fish due to a lack of clearing in the trees however if this could be overcome i.e. kayak fishing this could be a good spot.

The larger lake to the north is a large lake and is used as a sporting lake, we did dip our lines in for an hour before last light and managed to catch 3 small pike, i would like to spend a lot longer on this as I do beleive there could be some monsters lurking in its depths.