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How to Choose the Best Fishing Rain Gear

Don’t let rain or wet weather ruin your potential fishing trips! Plenty of companies make waders or waterproof suits that you can wear, in order to still enjoy the outdoors when it rains! We’ve put together this fishing rain gear buying guide to help you choose the best waterproof gear for you. You’re sure to find the gear that will make your next fishing trip possible, rain or shine! Let’s look at what you should know first.

Gender: For the most part, fishing rain gear is mostly unisex, though there are a few products that are specifically made for men and women. We’ll let you know so you never have to worry about purchasing the wrong one.

Age: This is whether the gear is made for adults or children. Make sure that the whole family can enjoy your fishing and outdoor adventures by buying your kids their own gear that will fit them. It might even match!

Size Range: This is the range of sizes that that particular set of waders or bib is available in. For the most part, these are anywhere between extra-small and extra-large sizes. For children, these may start at 2T for toddlers.

Material: Waterproof rain gear comes in a variety of materials, including neoprene, PVC, nylon, and polypropylene. Each of these materials helps to keep you dry in the rain and during wading adventures when you really need to get that fish!

Pieces: Does the product come in one piece, like bib overalls, or separated into two pieces that can be removed separately? This is important based on the type of fishing or weather you are going to be dealing with.

Color Options: This refers to how many colors the gear comes in. Some come in a lot of colors, and it mostly comes down to personal preference. Choose the one that you like best or one that will stand out!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you need to look for, let’s take a look at some of the products! Our fishing rain gear reviews come from hours of research and review so that we can bring you the best products that are going to keep you dry and happy! Check out our top pick and budget pick first to give you a good idea of what’s available right now. Spend more time fishing and less worried about the weather.

Grundens Herkules 16 Pants


Our pick for the best rain gear for sale is Grundens Herkules Pants, which are made of 100% cotton on the inside, coated with PVC to keep it flexible and resist all water and oil. The hems are reinforced and the seams are riveted, so water has no way to get into these pants. They are available in sizes ranging all the way from extra-small to 5XL, which is incredible! You’ll be able to find your perfect fit easily. They have orange and green varieties, and they are fully reversible so you can wear them for extended periods of time. You can adjust the waist with two snap-gusset fixtures, and there are even elastic places to hold your suspenders! They are easily the best rain gear for men that we found in our research. We love the heavy-duty material and the waterproof coating. Don’t worry about getting down into the water with these wading pants.

Carhartt Mayne Bib Overalls


The best fishing rain gear for the money are the Carhartt Mayne Overalls. They are made of a polyvinyl chloride material with polyester backing that is a full .35mm thick. All of the main seams are sewn, and every single seam is electronically welded together so that water stays out! There’s a double-fronted storm placket installed for use when it gets really bad out. It is super effective at further waterproofing the overalls! There are also two pockets in the front that close with hook-and-loop fixtures. This Carhartt fishing rain gear will keep you happy and dry, and help you land that fish! There isn’t a more popular name in outdoor jackets and gear than Carhartt! What really makes these overalls the best cheap rain gear is the hood – it’s adjustable and has a drawstring. What more could you ask for in a set of overalls that are meant to keep you comfortable and dry?

Oakiwear Children’s Fishing Waders


If you’re looking for kids rain gear for fishing, look no further! These neoprene waders are made specifically for your children on your outdoor adventures. They’re great for fishing and wading! They go up to your little one’s chest, and they are easy to put on and take off, which means that they are perfect for little ones that are developing their own sense of independence. They even come with fishing boots! Both pieces are made of super thick neoprene, which makes them really good rain gear for fishing. The front chest strap is adjustable, and the shoulder straps won’t slip no matter how hard your little one is playing! They are available in camouflage and pink camo and start at size 2T for the littlest member of your family. Use the handy size guide to help you choose the right fit! We love that these child’s waders come in so many different sizes to help your family get together!

Frogg Toggs Sport Rain Suit


This sports suit from Frogg Toggs is completely made of polypropylene, a nonwoven material that the company boasts will help you keep the water out while looking good. The jacket is full-length and cut to make movement really easy. The waist and hood are completely adjustable, while there are an elongated rear cape portion and a storm flap in the front. The pants have an elastic waistband with a cord lock so you can get the same fit every time. The legs are straight and the leg openings also adjust, to keep your legs completely dry. This is waterproof breathable rain gear! All of the pieces of this set are lightweight. The hood can be completely removed if you don’t want it, and there is a four-panel cut on the pants to make them fit more comfortably and flexible. This is some of the most thoughtful fishing rain gear on sale. They’ve truly considered everything!

Helly Hansen Fishing Rain Bib Pant


These bib pants from the Helly Hansen fishing rain gear line fits perfectly with another great product, the Helly Hansen Mandal jacket. But these are great if you only need waders for fly-fishing, or for spending time at sea. There are adjustable elastic suspenders included that help keep your pants where they need to be. They are also resistant to mold and mildew, which is great for the regularly-active outdoorsman. There is an inner chest pocket with a zipper to keep extra stuff in. The material is completely polyester, with a PVC coating that keeps any water from getting in. Great fishing rain gear bibs are hard to come by, but this product really delivers! It won’t tear easily due to the heavy-duty materials it’s made of. They even have push-button adjustment right at the hem, so you’ll never be stuck with wading overalls that don’t fit ever again. Stay dry when it really matters with this set of overalls!

Dutch Harbor Gear Rain Bib


Unlike some heavy duty rain gear, fishing with this Dutch Harbor bib is a treat! You don’t feel weighed down at all. IT’s made of polyester with a waterproof coating, so it’s comfortable and does its job of keeping the water out no matter what you’re doing in them. There are adjustable side snaps at the waist, as well as an included heavy-duty jacket piece that fits very nicely with the overalls. The main part of this men’s fishing rain gear has a low back, and shoulder straps that adjust to fit your build and lead toward a more comfortable fit. It’s a medium-weight bib, so it won’t be too heavy even as its working to keep the water out of your suit. We love the thoughtfulness that went into these Dutch Harbor bibs, right down to adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. Now you can go fishing and wading in any type of weather without fear!

KwikSafety Camo Rain Suit


Our reviews wouldn’t be complete without including a Kwiksafety product. This is a camouflage rain suit that is meant to battle the elements for you, so you can spend more time getting your recreation out of the way! If you’re hunting, the camo is particularly effective at not alerting animals to your presence. This comes with a jacket, pants, and a portable bag to carry them around in. They are all constructed of polyester, with a PVC coating to make sure that you’re dry. There’s a hood with an adjustable drawstring, front pockets, and snap button closures all around these overalls. They make great cold weather fishing rain gear because each piece is insulated to keep you warm. The pants in this set have an elastic waistline and a drawstring, with adjustable ankle vents as well. This bass fishing rain gear will help you get the catch you want, whether it’s raining or the sun is shining.

Wind Rider Pro Fishing Bibs


Wind Rider Pro Fishing Bibs are probably some of the best bass fishing rain gear that an angler could ask for. Get out in that inclement weather and bring home some fish! We love that these overalls are not only waterproof, but they are also breathable. The exterior is made of laminated fabric, which makes these overalls some great lightweight fishing gear. It has a double-zipper and a storm flap for convenience. There are an incredible six pockets on these overalls! That’s pretty amazing, considering all the stuff you’re going to need to carry with you. If you’re layering underneath these overalls, go with the next size up than you think you will need for a comfortable fit that isn’t baggy or tight. It’s just right! There is extremely luxurious Cordura reinforcement on the seat, knees, and seams of these overalls for even better protection. They’ve even though to raise the back heel of the pants!

Gempler’s Waterproof Rain Suit


Because Gempler’s Waterproof rain suit is great for both men and women, this is probably some of the best women’s rain gear for fishing on our list. The jacket and overalls, which both come with this set, are made of durable PVC coating over nylon materials. There is a second layer at the elbows and knees so they won’t be going out any time soon. The seams are rivet reinforced on areas where you’ll wear them out quicker. There is a hood that is adjustable, and thin enough that you can wear it with a hat. The suspenders and claps on this high-quality women’s fishing rain gear are industrial grades, so you can be sure that this rain suit is going to last you a while to come! Green is just one of the colors they come in, so you can even choose how you want to look. They even have the hardware for adjusting the wrist openings!

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