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How to Choose Ice Fishing Boots

Have you recently decided to try ice fishing? In case you didn’t know, you’re going to need some specific boots. Temperatures get so cold on the ice that it’s dangerous to go without special footgear. But we’ve got you covered! We researched and reviewed a selection of products to bring you this ice fishing boot buying guide. But before we get started, let’s take a look at some of the things you should be aware of before shopping.

Insulated: If you’re going to be ice fishing in temperatures far below zero, you’re going to want your boots to be insulated. Most come with thick insulation or padding to keep your feet extra warm and dry longer.

Shaft: A shaft runs from the ankle to the top of the boot. It makes it easier for you to pull the boot off and to put it on. Due to the height of these boots, the shaft is useful!

Waterproof: Ice fishing is definitely not a dry hobby. You’re going to want a boot that will keep the melted ice away from your socks and feet! This is so important for preventing frostbite and hypothermia in the cold.

Material: Some boots are made of vinyl, others of leather or rubber. Rubber is going to be your best bet for keeping your feet and ankles dry. Any fabrics will be cold and wet, so stick with these materials.

Temperature Rating: Most ice fishing boots are rated down to -40F, and some down to -60F. Keep an eye on the weather at your ice fishing spot to make sure the boots are going to hold up to the cold.

Weight: Heavier boots might hold you down on the ice, but they also make walking on the ice a bit more precarious. If you’re fishing on thin ice, a lighter boot is going to be your best option.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to shop for, we can get to the ice fishing boot reviews! Each of these products has amazing reviews and temperature ratings, so don’t worry about your feet being cold! If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick and budget pick first. We found them to be the best of the best. But make sure to read to the end, because the rest of these boots are pretty hot sellers!

MuckBoots Arctic Sport Boot


These Muck ice fishing boots are simply the best! These boots are not only functional; they’re comfortable as well due to the contoured foam on the inside. You’re walking on air, even in the middle of the arctic! To avoid any discomfort, the neoprene on the inside is waterproof, heat retaining, and has shock-resistant properties to keep your feet feeling amazing! On top of this, there’s a fleece inner lining to keep you extra warm and comfortable out on the lake. You will be comfortable even in temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. You can’t beat that! The rubber sole is molded to make sure you’re not sliding around on the ice. It grips the surface really well and keeps you stable even in the most slippery conditions. This boot is also exceedingly tall. Compared with its waterproof properties, you won’t ever get any snow or ice inside. Your socks will stay warm and dry with these boots.

Kamik Greenbay Cold-Weather Boot


Do you need extra protection on a budget? Then these boots are perfect for you. These Kamik boots are affordable, but they also keep your feet nice and cozy in – 40-degree temperatures. The outside of these boots is made of high-denier nylon to retain heat. Your toes have never been this warm! Plus, the high grade of material makes them completely waterproof. The sole is made of synthetic rubber to help you get a grip and keep it. Do you want to hear the best part? The insulation is an 8mm-thick removable thermal guard. It retains a ridiculous amount of heat. And if you want to use these boots when it isn’t so cold? You can take the insulation out to give you more room and to keep you comfortable. Another useful feature is the Velcro strap, so you don’t have to fiddle with strings when your fingers are cold. They’re the best cheap ice fishing boots!

Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot


Sorel’s Conquest boots are some pretty heavy-duty shoes! They look like hiking boots with a higher top – they definitely get points for style. You won’t have to worry about snow getting down into your socks with the built-in snow collar that you can lock around your calf, as well as a snap to keep it tight around your ankle. It’s made mostly of leather, another popular material, with a rubber sole. These boots are completely waterproof, snow proof (due to the collar), and have extra thin, effective insulation called Thinsulate Ultra. Keep your feet warm without the heavy boots! This helps to improve your ability to maneuver. The footrest inside of the boot is made of heat-retaining molded foam, and it’s removable. You can easily change these boots from hiking shoes to boots ideal for a lengthy stay on a – 40-degree trip. We think these are pretty close to the best ice fishing boots for sale!

Baffin Wolf Snow Boot


Baffin boots are well-known for their performance and these Wolf Snow boots definitely live up to their name. These boots are lightweight and feature comfort and efficiency! They can double as everyday boots as well as ice fishing boots, so you can get so much use out of them! The molded foam is specially formulated by Baffin to retain heat and create a boot that works well in subzero temperatures. They look great too! The insulation system on this product is a 7-layer, entirely unique system for keeping warmth in and cold out. It’s removable as well, so you can take it out on regular winter days! There is a built-in sleeve and double buckles around the calf and ankle to keep snow and ice far from your socks and skin. The outside is a molded synthetic with a gripping texture, so you can walk easier over ice. These are amazingly warm snow boots for ice fishing and winter wear.

Bogs Winter Boots


These Bogs boots are the classic ice fishing boots! They are absolutely waterproof. The boots are made of leather and synthetic water-resistant materials. Instead of being one continuous piece, these boots consist of a hard rubber shell over a warm inner sleeve. This sleeve stretches easily over your foot and keeps your socks dry and warm. It also works to give you a much more comfortable fit for those long days on the ice. The inside layer retains and returns heat to keep your feet amazingly warm no matter what temperature it is outside. They are also about 15 inches tall to help keep melted snow and ice out. The unique thing about these boots is the top. The material stretches to fit the shape of your leg for a more comfortable fit, and there is a handle on either side to help you pull the boots on and to keep them in place. It’s the perfect all-weather boot!

Muck Boot Ice Sport Boot


We just had to put another Muck brand boot on our list! Muck is another name that is synonymous with warmth and comfort in extreme conditions, and these boots definitely meet those expectations! These shoes have absolutely everything you need for ice fishing adventures. The insulated lining is fleece, so it returns much more heat than foam versions. These boots are mostly rubber, with an upper section of blended spandex for a comfortable, conformed fit and protection against normal wear and tear. The outside sole is made specifically to help you grip as much as possible, so you have less of a chance of sliding around on the ice. The treads on the bottom go in multiple directions to provide traction when you begin to slide. The neoprene-foam molded sole make these boots flexible and lightweight, as well as being completely waterproof. These are guaranteed warm ice fishing boots from a trusted name in extreme outdoor sports!

Baffin All-Weather Boot


These Baffin All-Weather boots are perfect for those deeply cold days. They are rated for the coldest of all the boots we looked at, at -70 degrees Fahrenheit. We thought that was crazy! They’re knee-high boots, to keep even your legs warm in the freezing temperatures. They are tied with a unique bungee-cord lacing system that makes it easy to put them on. There are two colors available, black and a tan that looks more like a hiking boot. On the inside, the sole is molded rubber with Baffin’s 7-layer foam insulation system. On the outside, the sole is made with thermal-based polymers to keep the heat in and the cold out. The bottom of the boot is Baffin’s Icepaw pads. They’re specifically made to make it easier for you to walk on ice without sliding around. You can’t go wrong with Baffin ice fishing boots, and if you need extreme protection, these are the boots for you!

Sorel Bear Extreme Boot


Sorel is on our list again, this time with a more extreme boot. These boots are rated down to an amazing -60 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a synthetic inner sole, molded for comfort and heat retention. The outer sole is made of vulcanized rubber so you can keep your footing even on the slickest ice. They are insulated with 9mm felt, which contains heat-reflection lining to keep your feet and ankles warm no matter how cold it gets outside. The midsole, or the part between the heel and ball of your foot, is comfortable and supportive. Want to hear the best part? These boots are waterproof. They include a drawstring to keep all of the snow and ice out of your boots and socks. It’s got a barrel-lock to make sure that it’s tight enough to keep you dry! We think that these are pretty amazing boots. It’s no wonder they’re called Bear Extreme boots!

Striker Ice Fishing


Striker is a relatively new name in footwear, but their breakout product is no less than amazing. They include something no other boot here has: a sizing chart! Sometimes all-weather boots need to be a different size than your everyday shoes. These boots share a unique feature with a small selection of boots as well: there is a sleeve that goes over your foot to keep you warm, and the ‘shell’ is a separate piece altogether. This creates a more comfortable fit and wicks away any moisture, whether it is sweat or ice, to keep your feet dry. This sleeve can also be rolled down off of your ankle in warmer weather. The sole of the boot is rubber with a leather veneer bottom so you won’t slip around. These are pretty amazing Men’s ice fishing boots, with so many features to keep you warm and comfortable, including Thinsulate insulation. It isn’t bulky and keeps you just as warm!

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