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How to Pick Your Fishing Paddle Board

We set out on a mission to find the best paddle boards for fishing around. We researched and reviewed tons of models, looking for all of those special diamonds in the rough. Then, we compiled them all into our list of our best SUPs (stand-up paddleboards). But before we get to those paddle board reviews, let’s take a look at a couple of key things to note when you’re shopping for your own fishing board.

Type: Whether you’re looking for a sweet wooden board or the best inflatable paddle board around, make sure to check the type. That way you’ll know at a glance if this is the right one for you.

Length: How long the board can make a difference. The longer the board is, the more stable it will be, giving you an easier ride. Fishing SUPs should be nice and stable to keep you on your feet.

Width: How wide is the board? A nice wide board will be much more stable than a thin one, giving you more control and more security. You’ll want a little bit more width for your fishing SUP.

Thickness: If you board is inflatable, thickness changes how stiff the board is at the same inflation pressure. If your board is hard, the thickness will affect its stability and weight.

Weight: How much your board weighs isn’t just about carrying it around! The heavier your board, the more stable it is. So if you’re looking for a smooth ride, you might want to look a little heavier.

Warranty: Warranties are great for protecting you against faulty boards. They usually cover defects in the product or materials when you receive it. Most warranties are measured in years.

Top 10 Products

Ready for those sweet stand-up paddle board reviews? So are we! We’ve taken our top ten fishing SUPs and supplied a little information about each one. But if you are in a rush, just check out the top two products; those will be our overall Top Pick and our number on Budget Pick. Now, let’s get to those fishing paddle board reviews!

iRocker Inflatable Cruiser

Our Top Pick is the iRocker Inflatable Cruiser! iRocker is well known for their solid boards made from quality parts. Of all of the paddle board companies, this one is our favorite for creating high-quality, inflatable SUPs that are super stable and ready for anything you are. If you are into yoga on the water, fishing from a stand-up paddleboard, or just want to float down the river on your feet, you can do all three with the iRocker. This board is a super long 126 inches and has a generous width of 33 inches. The six-inch thickness will prove further strength and support as you paddle on down the river. And that isn’t even the best part! All iRocker products come with an awesome two-year warranty that will iRock your socks!

PathFinder Inflatable SUP

Looking for a sweet, inflatable SUP on a budget? The PathFinder is a great choice for anyone looking to start out without investing a whole bunch of money. At 9 foot 9 inches long and 30 inches wide, this board has the girth to be really stable on the water. It’s five-inch thickness also helps to form a good, stiff surface, augmented by a no-slip mat that will help keep you in place. It’s the perfect touring stand-up paddle board for anyone interested in trying it out or looking to get a sweet new board. The durable PVC material is great for long-term use that’s designed to not wear out. And, along with this board, you’ll get everything you need to get started, including the pump, carrying case, air pump, and a paddle.

ISLE Versa Epoxy

Looking for something that doesn’t need an air pump? No problem! The ISLE Versa Epoxy is ready for anything! At 125 inches by 32 inches, this board is ready for any beginner or more advanced rider. Its wide and long shape makes for a smoother, more stable ride. Its clever mix of EPS and Epoxy make it strong while shedding pounds off of the weight. This board is great for small waves, making it an ideal river paddle board. It’s great for river fishing, SUP yoga, cruising, and learning to ride. It features a comfortable carry handle and comes along with an adjustable paddle and a heavy-duty fin. ISLE seems to be made up of people who love SUPs and want the best products for everyone else who wants to join the fun.

PEAK stand-up Paddle Board

Want a solid paddleboard that’s a little thicker? At six inches, the PEAK stand-up Paddle Board is almost as thick as they come! The extra bit of thickness will help to give you a more stable ride by adding a little bit of stiffness to your board. Also, the 126 inch by 31-inch dimensions will help keep you afloat by providing extra balance. It’s great for all skill levels but has all the accessories you need in case you’re a beginner without any. You’ll get a paddle, carrying backpack, leash, and a high-pressure pump to keep it inflated. But that’s all. No, this amazing board is also made from military-grade PVC for the ultimate in durability. So if you want a board that will keep on kicking for the long haul, check out the PEAK; we’re pretty sure you’ll love it for fishing as much as we do!

ISLE Classic SUP

The ISLE Classic SUP is an EPS foam board with the soft top you want. It’s a 5-inch thick board that measures out to a long 130 by 31 inches. It’s a pretty big board, making it great for heavier riders, newbies, and those looking for great stability while riding. So if you are looking into taking up SUP yoga or SUP fishing, a steady board like this would make a great start. The ISLE is perfect for the river, the lake, or other calm waters. It comes with an adjustable floating paddle, a handle for easy carrying, and a 9-inch flatwater fin that is removable. The soft top is a polyethylene that provides a cushion for your feet while riding. And at just 27 pounds, this board is as lightweight as it is durable.

Rave Touring Stand-Up Paddle Board

Want a board that’s ready for an intermediate rider? More experienced paddlers will enjoy the little bit of extra length on the Rave Touring stand-up Paddle Board. With it, you’ll get a little more speed without sacrificing too much of the stability that comes from wider boards. The board measures out to 151 inches by 30.5 inches by 5.5 inches. It’s a little heavy at 36 pounds, but more than makes up for that extra weight with style. The board features an EPS foam core wrapped in layers of fiberglass for strength without weighing you down. This board comes complete with an elastic cargo net, five tie-down points, a self-venting plug, handle for easy carrying, and a big, 10-inch removable fin. Although with all that, you’ll also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, too.

Xterra Premium SUP Bundle

What a stylish board the Xterra Premium SUP is! The colors are a sweet black and red, high contrast affair with beautiful details. And under all of that pretty exterior live bones of steel; this thing is nearly indestructible! Made from double-reinforced, military-grade drop stitch material, this thing is sturdy enough to be thrown around, and (so the manufacturer says) can be run over by a car. It’s convenient too, as it inflates in minutes and comes with its own stylish carrying case. Your board will roll up to the size of a sleeping bag too, for easy storage! But that isn’t the best part. Oh no! This isn’t just a board; it’s a whole bundle! With the Xterra, you also get an air pump and a gauge, paddle, repair kit, three fins, and a leash.

Liquid Shredder

The Liquid Shredder is a solid board that’s a little more lightweight. It comes to only 25 pounds, but it doesn’t skimp on durability. The deck is a soft EPE foam with fiberglass underneath and an EPF foam core. Wooden stringers make the board a little stiffer without adding too much to the weight. Although it is not as stiff as wooden paddle boards, the Liquid Shredder is lighter in weight, making it easier to transport and use. The adjustable aluminum paddle it comes with is a PolyPro paddle with soft edges. This board is designed for newer paddlers under 250 pounds. It’s a great board for anyone looking for a stable ride with a little bit of speed to it. We love it for how lightweight and easy to carry it is. Let’s hit the water!

California Board Company SUP

Looking for a foam board? The California Board Company SUP is made from high-density EPS. The core is 100% waterproof, keeping heavy water out of your center. The bottom is covered with a slick, HD polyethylene so you can slide over the water with ease. For added stiffness, The California Board Company added in laminated wood stringers. This board is a lightweight 21 pounds, but that can help to make for a faster, more fun ride for you. Along with the board, you get a padded ankle leash, roof shield, padded roof racks, and a sweet paddle that’s adjustable. We love the California Board Company SUPs for their looks too! The board is a swirl of blue and white, making it look as good as it performs!

ISLE Surf Airtech Inflatable

Looking for a lightweight inflatable paddleboard? The ISLE Surf Airtech Inflatable comes to a mere 19 pounds, making it lighter than most of the boards we’ve ever seen. It’s still a big 132 by 32 by 6 inches, making plenty of room for your SUP adventures. Like all ISLE boards, this one comes with a one-year warranty to keep you protected. Most likely, you won’t need it! The military-grade PVC seems unpoppable. This board supports riders up to 275 pounds. It comes along with a pump, paddle, and carry pack. But the coolest part of this board is the storage space! With 14 D-rings, bungee cords, and even a place for your cooler, this is the coolest ride around. You can go for a ride even in the wild and bring all of your stuff with you!

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