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How to Choose the Best Fishing Backpack

The best fishing backpacks aren’t just for storing tackle boxes – they make fishing a more enjoyable experience! Finding the right fishing backpack for you can be daunting, so we did the work for you. We found 10 of the best backpacks out there for all kinds of fishermen’s needs and budgets! Before we get into the fishing backpack reviews, here are a few features you should know about to help you pick the best one for you! Off we go!

Waterproof: If you’re planning to take your backpack on the water or outside on a rainy day, consider picking up a waterproof one! Many of them are made with waterproof fabric, or they have an optional waterproof cover for extra protection!

Material: Most fishing backpacks are made of either polyester or nylon fabric. Both materials are durable, but some have added benefits like tear-resistance, waterproof coating, or a mesh outer lining to keep your body cool and sweat free in the heat.

Trays: If you’re new to fishing, consider grabbing a fishing backpack that comes with extra storage trays to get you started! If you already have your own trays, we found some backpacks without them so you can add in your own!

Color Options: Want a simple, black backpack? How about one with a camouflage print? Or maybe you’d prefer bright, neon green? We found fishing backpacks in a wide variety of colors, so you can find the perfect one to fit your style!

Size: Whether you need a giant bag to hold all of your tackle equipment and some extra gear, or a compact size to throw over your shoulder for a short trip, there are many different sizes here to fit your needs!

Adjustable Straps: All of the fishing backpacks we reviewed have adjustable straps, but we do let you know if they have any special features! Some fishing bags can be carried multiple ways, while others have added straps for extra comfort and support.

Top 10 Products

Okay, so hopefully now you have a better idea of what size, style, and features you are looking for in a fishing backpack. We reviewed 10 of our favorite fishing backpacks, and we let you know what amazing features each one offers! If you don’t have time to read all 10 reviews, that’s okay! We started off with our Top Pick and Budget Pick, and you can come back later to read about the rest whenever you have more time.

CLC Wild River Tackle Tek Backpack


Our top pick for the best fishing backpack for sale is this one from CLC because it packs a lot of storage in one bag! The entire bag can hold up to 10 medium trays in both the upper and lower compartments, so you can bring your whole tackle kit with you and have room to spare! In addition to tray space, this bag also has 4 side pockets for gear and personal items to keep them safely tucked away but easy to access. It also comes with a padded sunglasses holder on top, so you can take them on and off as needed without getting scratched or broken! In addition to all the storage, it also comes with a convenient waterproof cover you can throw on to keep everything extra safe and dry! Oh, and it comes with an LED light you can use inside or outside the bag, making it easier to see while fishing in the dark!



Looking for the best surf fishing backpack with rod holder? This inexpensive bag from BLISSWILL is compact and easy to carry on your next surf fishing trip! It has plenty of storage space both inside and outside the bag, with several compartments to keep your equipment organized. We especially like that the drink holder has a bungee cord on top to keep your water bottle from falling out! The bag is compact and fully adjustable, with extra straps to attach a pole securely. You can adjust the shoulder strap to fit over either shoulder, so you can wear it to your preference or switch over time to reduce fatigue. The breathable fabric on the back also keeps you cool and dry all day long, which is a nice touch. If you are looking for the best cheap fishing backpack with plenty of storage and a comfortable fit, this is a great option to try out on your next fishing trip!

G4Free Tactical Backpack


If you want a small, versatile backpack you can take on more than fishing adventures, pick up one of these from G4Free! This tactical backpack is compact and weighs only 8 oz., making it perfect for short fishing or hiking trips. Even though it’s small, you can still pack a lot into it! There are plenty of compartments inside and outside for storing equipment and personal items. The thick, cushioned strap is adjustable and fits over either shoulder, or you can attach it to the back, making it a handbag for added versatility. It comes in 6 different colors, so you can find one that matches your style – or grab a few to switch things up! There is a Velcro patch on the front, so you can attach your favorite patches to personalize the look even more! If you need a small tackle backpack that works for a lot more than just fishing, check out this versatile backpack for sure!

Spiderwire Tackle Backpack


Next up is our pick for the best fishing tackle backpack that comes with trays, so you can start fishing in no time! This backpack has plenty of space to add your equipment, including your fishing pole. The inside compartments come with 3 medium utility boxes to store lures, hooks, and other equipment safely in your bag. The middle compartment is a cooler, which is nice to keep your snacks and drinks cool! There are also several outer pockets and compartments, and a lot of places to attach carabiners or other tools for easy access! There is even a padded sunglasses case to keep your shades safe while fishing! We also like that the backpack straps are adjustable, including a sternum strap to help distribute the weight more evenly. This means you can pack this full and not worry about straining your back! We think this tackle backpack would make a great gift for a new fisherman in your family!

Piscifun Tackle Bag


This over-the-shoulder tackle bag from Piscifun is another one of our favorites because of its packing power and versatility! This bag has 3 main compartments inside the bag to keep your tackle kit organized and easy to access. There are also several outer pockets to store pliers, beverages, your fishing rod, and much more. We also like that it comes with Velcro on the front, which you can use to attach extra storage packs or add your favorite patches for some extra fun flair! Oh, and the straps are fully adjustable, giving you several options to carry your bag. You can make the bag fit over either shoulder, or turn it into a handbag, chest bag, or a sling bag. We also like that the waterproof material keeps everything dry, while the breathable backing keeps you dry and cool too! For a large, versatile bag you can carry comfortably wherever you go, this is a good choice for any fisherman!

Fiblink Tackle Backpack


If you are looking for a compact fishing tackle backpack with rod holder, definitely check out this one from Fiblink. This small bag can hold a serious amount of stuff, with roomy inside compartments to keep large items like tackle boxes and first aid kits easy to grab. The outer compartments are also convenient, with plenty of zippered pockets, a water bottle holder, and a fishing rod holder to keep everything secure while you’re out adventuring! The waterproof fabric and coating will keep everything inside your bag nice a dry, even in the pouring rain. We also like that this bag is comfortable to carry! It has an adjustable shoulder strap that you can move from one side to the other. There is also a belt strap if you need some extra stability, especially if your bag is extra heavy! This bag isn’t just great for fishing, either – it’s a solid bag for hiking, mountain climbing, biking, and much more!

Wild River 3606 Backpack


In our hunt for the best fishing lure backpack, we discovered this large model with tons of storage for all your lures and other equipment! Our favorite thing about this backpack is all the storage capacity it has! There are two main compartments inside the backpack with a removable divider if you need space for extra large equipment. The waterproof lower compartment holds up to 4 #3600 style trays. The backpack comes with 2 trays already, but you can easily add a couple more that you have already for even more options! The lower compartment also folds down to create a small table, which is great in tight spaces! There are several outer compartments and loops to store extra tools and personal items. We especially like the clear compartment to hold your license, a map, or anything else you need to have visible. If you want a fishing backpack that can hold everything you need, this is another great option!

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack


If you’re looking for the best fly fishing backpack, this vest-style backpack from Maxcatch is great! It is part vest, part backpack, and it has enough space to hold everything you need! The backpack is expandable and large enough to carry a tackle box, extra hat, or whatever else you’ll need while out fishing in your favorite lake or stream! We also like that the top has 2 D-rings you can attach larger pieces to like a net or extra pack. The straps are adjustable and built like a vest. They have extra zippered compartments and loops for tools and carabiners, and there are 2 padded fly patches to keep extra flies secure and easy to grab at a moment’s notice! The water-resistant fabric is also covered in mesh on the back, keeping both your equipment and your back dry! We think this is the best fly fishing backpack with rod holder to take with you out on the water!

Shimano Blackmoon Backpack


Looking for a great gift idea for a fisherman in your life? This kit from Shimano is great because it comes with both a spacious bag and 4 utility boxes! The boxes fit in the lower compartment perfectly, and allow you to bring all of your tackle equipment with you wherever you go! The front of the lower compartment also folds out to create a small workspace, where you can attach lures and flies safely. The rest of the backpack can hold a lot, too! There are several large side pockets that can hold your tools and personal items, and the side loops can carry extra rods or hook on carabiners for added storage. There is even a small compartment on one side to hold your live bait! If you get caught in the rain, don’t worry! This bag also comes with a cover that makes it into a waterproof fly fishing backpack in seconds. Such a great gift idea!

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